Taekwondo for Mighty Mites

Our Mighty Mites program is designed specifically for four and five year old children. The Mighty Mite program is a fun, activity-based Taekwondo class that contributes to the development of life skills in addition to physical fitness. 


Each 30 minute class includes fun exercises to develop basic motor skills through Taekwondo. Through step-by-step teaching methods and a variety of drills, the Mighty Mites improve their balance, coordination, control, and listening skills. In addition, the Mighty Mites are guided through the fundamental tenets of Taekwondo to encourage character growth. They learn and practice respect, focus, self-discipline, and teamwork. As the Mighty Mites progress through this program, they build self-confidence while working through a series of goals to reach the next level belt.


Our team of instructors are friendly, patient, and supportive of the students' progress. They work with an encouraging mindset and look to give individual attention to and engage each student.