Our History

The first of the Pai's Taekwondo schools opened in Glenville under Grand Master Kwang Pai and Grand Master Thomas Pai in 1984.

Shortly thereafter, Grand Master Doo Young Pai came over from Korea to help teach traditional Taekwondo. Grand Master D.Y. Pai then expanded the Taekwondo family with his own schools.

He opened his first school in Troy in 1993, the second in Rensselaer in 2001, and the third in Albany in 2014. 

Our Philosophy and Goal

We know that anybody can learn how to kick and punch. At Grand Master Pai's Taekwondo, however, we take it a step further. 

We teach the fundamental values of martial arts within Taekwondo in order to promote character development and enhance physical fitness at the same time.

Our philosophy is that Taekwondo can positively benefit everyone. To that effect, we strive to develop and enhance the positive aspects within our students, such as respect, courtesy, integrity, modesty, perseverance, honesty, self-control, and discipline, through the teachings of Taekwondo.

Our goal is to teach quality Taekwondo to our students and to empower our students with daily skills taught from the tenets and values of Taekwondo.

Our Facilities

We have 3 locations located in the greater Capital District. We offer classes for mighty mites, children, and adults at each location.


Each location has a matted training area and is family friendly. We work hard to keep our schools a clean and safe place for families to feel comfortable to learn Taekwondo in.

We do encourage families to stay and watch our classes and feel free to ask an instructor any questions. 

Our Instructors

Our team of instructors are committed to helping each student increase their physical ability and self-defense skills while also enhancing and developing the values and principles that accompany Taekwondo training. 

Our instructors are enthusiastic, patient, and approachable. They know the impact a good teacher can have and take the responsibility seriously. In each class, they blend fun and discipline to encourage students to develop themselves in a positive manner. 

Our instructors at Grand Master D.Y. Pai's Taekwondo strive to always be at their best and to bring out the best in our students as well!