Taekwondo for Adults

Adults come to us from all walks of life, each with their own reasons for wanting to train in Taekwondo. Some are looking for exercise, some for self-defense, and others for stress relief. At Grand Master Pai's Taekwondo, adults can look to improve their physical fitness, relieve stress, learn self-defense, and more in an open and positive environment.

Each 45 minute class focuses on different aspects of physical fitness, both cardio and strengthening, for a whole-body workout. In addition, self-defense is learned through a variety of kicks, punches, and blocks as well as release techniques from grabs and holds. 

Classmates and instructors are all open, welcoming, and helpful, allowing students to have a fun Taekwondo workout in a positive environment. Taekwondo for adults can be helpful by providing a stress relief, giving the student more focus, enhancing self-defense skills, and providing a goal-oriented structured life.